The need to invest in Nigerian talent


By 2GDBAdmin


Nigerians are constantly showing the world how talented and productive they are and can be, with Great minds arising every day to break the status quo and come up with life changing ideas and inventions despite the harsh conditions of the country on many grounds.
Meet Nigeria’s Yusuf who has invented a low cost, non-electric and non-invasive ventilator which requires relatively lesser oxygen to run, in the wake of the corona pandemic, this invention will help save millions of lives around the world as its simple design makes it even easier for non-medical experts to operate. Yusuf amongst other Africans are contenders for the African Prize for Engineering Innovation awarded by London Royal Academy of Engineering. This only goes out to show the need for policy coherent, efficient & workable system driven by knowledgeable and willingness of power brokers to change the narratives of Our dear Country.


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