Management Consultancy

The greatest asset of our company is the team of experts with decades of experience and good track records who are committed to working with your squad in achieving and surpassing your goals and objectives

The greatest asset of our company is the team of experts with decades of experience and good track records who are committed to working with your squad in achieving and surpassing your goals and objectives in the following areas and many more:

  • Preparation of Business Sustainability Report: Business Sustainability Development encourages corporates to manage their business decisions, processes and practices responsibly; in ways that ensure corporate governance, good return on investments, sustainable profit, sustainable expansion, and an enduring brand.
  • Recovery of excess bank charges and unremitted bank collections: Experience has shown that banks either deliberately or inadvertently hold on to part of collections made on behalf of customers. Our astute professionals carry out thorough reconciliation and ensure that every penny collected is remitted. In similar manner all excess bank charges are recovered from banks for our clients in line with Central Bank’s circulars on bank charges.
  • Preparation of Project Feasibility Study Report: Before venturing into a new business or another line of an existing business, it is imperative to carry out a study to determine the viability and profitability of such a venture. We have seasoned experts in this field to carry out such studies and come up with feasibility reports upon which final decision can be taken.
  • Obtaining Expatriate Quota: Where a business requires employing expatriates (foreigners) for effective functioning of its operation, we can apply on its behalf to the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs for expatriate quota or permission to employ the number of expatriates required. This permit also facilitates the expatriates so employed to remit home some of their earnings without difficulty.
  • Approved Status and Approval to Incur Capital Expenditure: Where offshore funds are to be brought into Nigeria for investment in a business venture or capital equipment are to be brought in for setup of a business in Nigeria, approved status has to be applied for and obtained first. This permit will facilitate the repatriation of the offshore funds or assets in the future where the investors want to pull out from Nigeria. In the same vein, Approval to Incur Qualified Capital Expenditure, which is a permit given by the Federal Ministry of Industries before fixed Assets are acquired by any company. Without this permit, substantial investment in fixed assets could be refusal capital allowance claim by the Federal Inland Revenue Service. Our firm is in a position to obtain these permits for investors.
  • Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Permit:  This permit is given to oil service companies by the Department of Petroleum Resources before they can operate in the oil and gas industry. Without this permit, such companies will not be patronized by the major oil companies. There are two types of permits. One is for specialist activities while the other is for less skilled activities. We offer advice on what type of permit to apply for and obtain the permit for our clients in the shortest possible time after preparing all the needed documentation.
  • Registration as Contractors with Major Oil and Other Companies: The major oil companies such AGIP, Exxon-Mobil, SPDC, Total, etc. have in place rigorous conditions and documentation that have to be fulfilled before companies are registered as their contractors or suppliers. We have helped a lot of companies unmounted these hurdles and satisfy the requirements for registration.
  • Pre-Qualification Documents: It is the practice these days for oil companies, government agencies, and international organizations desirous of awarding contracts, the first call for pre-qualification documents from companies desirous of tendering before the actual tendering process. This is to ensure that the companies are technically qualified before they are allowed to submit their commercial tenders. We are in a position to prepare and package the numerous documents required for pre-qualification in order to ensure that your company is pre-qualified.
  • Due Diligence: For investors to make an informed decision on existing business, a quick but rigorous evaluation of the target entity’s infrastructure, the performance of key processes, analysis of the operational efficiency and identification of potential opportunities for achieving financial savings, improved productivity, quality of products and services is paramount. The exercise is best handled by those that have been specifically trained to speedily see the invisible and hear the inaudible. At 2GDB Consulting, we are well-positioned and have the requisite intellectual skills to guide you in making an optimal decision.